This year’s #operaplot contest just ended. If you are new to twitter that octothorpe (what a word. The sharp symbol) turns the word into a “hashtag” which is useful for conducting searches on twitter. Enter #operaplot in the search field at twitter and you will see the entries.

The goal was to summarize an opera plot in 140 or fewer characters – the maximum length of a tweet. “Everyone dies” does not count. I think some of the entries are quite clever. All of the entries have been collated at The Omniscient Mussel. Is that a cool name for a classical music blog or what?

Here’s my entry for Mathis der Maler

“What Mathis paints is not enough. He joins the peasant’s revolt then finds the peasants revolting. After an LSD trip he packs up.”

Yup. That about sums it up.