Program Notes

I will be collecting my previously published program notes here. When first published they were necessarily chopped up due to financial considerations. Web sites have no such limitations! I will also try to add the sound clips I play during my pre-concert talks.  I do need to talk to a copyright lawyer first even though this is a non profit website.

Unfortunately this will require me to use WordPress as a CMS. I hope I can find a usable plugin and not have to scratch out the PHP myself.

I’ve posted a few as blog “posts” with the date of the original concert for which they were written. Perhaps that is the easiest way to get them here. They are assigned the WordPress category “Program Notes” and the composer’s name is used as a tag. You can navigate categories and tags from the sidebar (the topmost item. The folder icon is for categories and the tag icon is for, well, tags) or the footer (which “slides”; see the arrows at the edges?). The tag cloud is a slide in the footer too.

All of the program notes – actually all of the contents of this website – are copyrighted by me. If you wish to use any of my notes please contact me first. If you represent an orchestra I’ll probably let you use them for next to nothing as long as the proper attribution is included in your publication.

If you like what you read here, and would like new program notes written for your upcoming concert[s], please contact me at the cunningly cryptic email address My fee is very reasonable.

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